Better League Scheduling

 The TeamsCompete Scheduling Service delivers a complete set of season games to your youth league. We work with your organization to take the scheduling, and its administrative work load, off of your hands; allowing your league to concentrate on playing of the game.  Its simply Better League Scheduling.

For many leagues, the game scheduling process takes the average volunteer between 75 to 90 minutes per team when using spread sheets.  Spread sheets are the most common scheduling application used by travel leagues because existing software on the market does not address all the challenges that leagues have.

Better League Scheduling starts with technology at its core- our propriety SchedulingEngine software.  The software is designed to support the Scheduling Service by : Collecting and Confirming the Season Data, Generating and Optimizing the Schedule, and Reviewing and Publishing the schedule.

  • Collect and Confirm Season Data: TeamsCompete works with your league to use your existing registration system to capture the season data.  Once the data for each program is uploaded into the SchedulingEngine, TeamsCompete sends a confirmations emails to the programs to validate the data they submitted..  Confirmations are tracked in the SchedulingEngine and flagged as completed.  Every league receives a dedicated email account to communicate with TeamsCompete’s schedulers.
Email Confirmation for Member Program Team Data
  • Generate and Optimize Preliminary Season:  At TeamsCompete we use our SchedulingEngine to generate the initial schedule based on the data we collect from the league.  We then optimize this schedule to insure that the various season scheduling criteria are met.  During the optimization phase we  process various club special requests, insure teams have a balanced home and away schedule, and work to improve travel time and other metrics for teams.  We also review every facility to insure that the games are properly ordered for refs and age group usage.
  • Revise and Publish a Season: When the schedule is nearly finished, we share the draft with your league’s member organizations to get feedback and validation.  The schedule we share is an excel based, tabular report.  Each member organization has their own tabs that lists the preliminary schedule for each team in the organization.  Other tabs in the report include league wide listings of field availability by organization and actual field usage.  Reports can be customized based on the need of a particular league. TeamsCompete collects feedback to the preliminary schedule through on-line forms that are dedicated to your league.  The collected feedback is used to revise the schedule and get it to the point where it can be published your leagues sports website for your parents and coaches.
 Report- Listing of Field Rights By Member Organization Report- Member Organization Full League Schedule (Blocks Highlighted)
 Better League Scheduling- Home Game Availability Report  Better League Scheduling- Calendar Schedule View Report

Post Scheduling Work:

  • Manage the Game Changes:  As the season progresses, many leagues also use TeamsCompete to process game change requests.  Game change requests may be simple- say a request to change the date, time or field location by the host team. Game change requests can also present complex issues that challenge the scheduling criteria established by the league to create a fair and balanced season.  TeamsCompete acts as a central point and neutral party to receive and process game change requests, involving the league only when a requests violates established season scheduling criteria or creates an unbalanced or unfair situation.
  • Coordinate With Referee Scheduling: As game changes occur, TeamsCompete notifies your referee scheduling coordinator (usually assigned by your referee/umpiring umbrella association).
  • Act as a point person to update website/sports platform.  With TeamsCompete in the website several times weekly, many clients utilize us to update and manage their website content during the season.

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