We Handle Change

Last Minute Changes?

No Problem!

For many leagues, last minute changes by their member organizations are huge headaches.  They become even bigger headaches after the schedule has been published.  Its not uncommon for leagues to learn that a team was dropped, or added, or a certain fields can’t be used.  At TeamsCompete, we built our technology knowing  that last minute will happen and need to be resolved as rapidly as possible.  Being able to rapidly resolve the issues is what helps us know TeamsCompete provides Better League Scheduling. must deliver the ability to quickly put out “fires” before they engulf the league.

Our change process is pretty simple- we make the changes in our system and the push out a change file to your website the fixes the issue.  Our change files not only include a mix of new and cancelled games, but they also include all the field and time changes necessary for the ref crews.

Boys League Double Booked Girls Fields Times:
TeamsCompete just completed publishing a schedule for a girls lacrosse league when one of the larger programs informed TeamsCompete of a major issue. The boy’s league had inadvertently used the girls fields dates and times to generate its season’s games. The result was double booked fields. Working closely with the member club; TeamsCompete
had to cancel and replace games, shuffled games to new times and dates, and clean up the game slots on fields across the league to align for umpire coverage.

The Fix: 90 games changed and upload into their website in 5 hours.

Eliminating Team Mid- Season: Two weeks into the season, a member club in a state-wide league called to inform TeamsCompete that it no longer had enough players to field two teams; injuries and the demands of competing sports had taken their toll. TeamsCompete eliminated the remaining games for one of the teams but needed to add new games for the opponents. Once the new games were in place, we then aligned all impacted fields for referee coverage.

The Fix: 40 games deleted, changed or added in 2 hours of work.

Team Reassigned to a Different Division: After a schedule was published, a member organization in a recreational soccer team notified the league administrators that a team’s composition had changed and they needed to move a team from the 16U & 15U Girls division to the 14U Girls division.  To complicate the issue, both the 16U & 15U girls and the 14U girls divisions had an “odd” number of teams meaning that one team each week was left with out a game.  To get these teams to have a full slate of games, make-up games were in place.  While moving the team and cancelling the make-up games left two teams available to play each week, not all of those teams could be paired to play on that week due to league scheduling rules (from the same organizations, had already played each other, or the travel distance was too far, etc…)

The Fix: 45 games deleted, changed or added in 75 minutes of work (1 hour 15 minutes)

Lost Field Access: Three days before a lacrosse league’s preliminary schedule was due to be reviewed, a member club informed TeamsCompete that it lost its ability to use its fields on two weekends during the season. TeamsCompete was able to quickly reassign 20 games to the opponent fields. The next day, the member club informed the league and TeamsCompete that they were able to get 1/2 day back on one of the dates they lost. TeamsCompete returned games to the half-day slots.

The Fix: over 20 games changed in 1.5 hours.

Realigned Field Allocation: Just before the release of the Preliminary Review document, a league was informed that their neutral, “meet in the middle” field space was going to be realigned. The specific fields allocated on various season dates was going to change to more effectively group the fields the league was playing on.

The Fix: Fields realignment resulted in 0 games changes and it took only 15 min.

First Week of Season Cancelled: Due to weather related issues, the first week of the season (a Saturday) was unplayable for a state-wide lacrosse league.  Rather than forego the games, the league decided to hold those games on a Sunday later in the season on.

The Fix:  Made a single change by updating the Saturday Season Date to Sunday later in the season.  Re-exported the changed games and uploaded it to the league website.  15 Mins.