Schedule Modeling Services


TeamsCompete provides a unique service to our client leagues; the ability to take season data and perform “what-if” scenario modeling for their league.  From time to time, many leagues have ideas or proposals to alter the way their seasons are structured.  It might be a question of restructuring the divisions or it might be a question about expansion.  With out proper data, it is often hard to make a decision.  The Season Modeling Service provides leagues with the ability to utilize their existing data to examine scenarios to learn how they impact their league- before they are implemented.

To model a season, TeamsCompete works with our clients to identify the changes that a league is looking to explore and then arranges the existing season data to conform to the model. TeamsCompete then runs the altered season data though the scheduling process and delivers a report which analyses the impacts of the changes compared to the base season data or other models that might have been run as part of the analysis.

  • Examine the impact of changes in your season dates
  • Explore different divisional structures and play dynamics
  • Refine drive time limits and understand the results.
  • and More…