Web Site Migration and Set Up


Many Leagues have standardized their sports administration platform in order to effectively deliver a schedule to all member organizations.  From time to time, Leagues change their sports administration platform to another provider, forcing member organizations to migrate to the new platform.  TeamsCompete provides migration services, not only to the league itself, but to the underlying member organizations that also may need to decide to switch platforms.  These services include:


    • MEMBERSHIP MIGRATION: Migrating the membership by exporting the data, cleaning the data as required to align to the import format of the new platform.
    • CONTENT MANAGEMENT  The migration of text and media and organizing the content into a coherent menu structure.
    • LEVERAGING NEW PLATFORM CAPABILITIES: Help organization utilize the capabilities of a given platform, such as building out  an on-line store.
    • CREATING REGISTRATION PROGRAMS & TEMPLATES: Many sports management platforms have player registration capabilities and TeamCompete helps organizations creates the registrations forms and process they need.  These registration processes can then be utilized by the member organization as templates for future seasons.
    • MERCHANT ACCOUNT CONFIGURATION:  Many organizations accept Credit Cards and other forms of electronic payments, and TeamsCompete helps migrate or create merchant accounts to cost effectively process registration and on-line store transactions.
    • LOGO CREATION:  TeamsCompete creative team can help create logos for the organizations new site.