Actionable League-Wide Reports

Can you track your leagues effectiveness?

It is easy to understand how a team performs simply by checking their wins and losses.  But understanding how coaches and programs perform against their peers in the league is more challenging.

For most clubs, its difficult to aggregate the  “success” data across all their teams to compare themselves to other clubs.  At the league level, understanding which clubs are “growing” and which clubs are in “decline” is important in helping to decide how to assign division placement and allocate training resources.  Leagues and clubs require actionable, league-wide reports

TeamsCompete is a firm believer in power of quantified data.  For this reason we are committed to developing and delivering various reports to the leagues that provide insightful and actionable information.

League Reports Provide

  1. Individual game results by applying point values to wins and losses. 
  2. An aggregate of points and standings to calculate how clubs perform against each other based on various categorizations to include: Club Ranked by Standings, by points, by region
  3. A comparative analysis of club performance that is weighted by their divisional placements.
  4. Travel time averages for each team, each club, each region, each division.


Club Reports Provide

  1. Individual team results by wins, losses and point differentials.
  2. Divisional ranking for each team.
  3. Registration analysis by year, by age group, by division.