Actionable League-Wide Reports

Can you track your leagues effectiveness?

Its easy to understand how a team performs in the league simply by checking their wins and losses.  But understanding how coaches and programs perform against their peers in the league peers is challenging for most leagues

For most clubs, its difficult to aggregating the  “success” data across all their teams to compare themselves to other clubs.  At the league level, understanding which clubs are “growing” and which clubs are in “decline” is important in helping to decide how to assign division placement and allocate training resources.  Leagues and clubs require actionable, league-wide reports

TeamsCompete is a firm believer in power of quantified data.  For this reason we are committed to developing and delivering, quantitative data to the leagues that provide insightful and actionable data as part of our scheduling service.

League Results Report:  Designed for league administrators and club officials (i.e. Directors of Coaching), this report aggregates the individual game results by applying point values to win and loss just like any standing software.  TeamsCompete takes these standing to the next level by aggregating the standing points to calculate how clubs perform against each other based on several categorizations.  Crossover games can be included or excluded from the result.   Several League tabbed reports include-

Club Ranked by Standings Points (all Teams)

Clubs Ranked By Gender (boys then girls)

Clubs Ranked by Region

and more.

In addition to the league tabs,  each club has a tab that lists summary data for all teams that participate in the league.  The summary data includes-

Wins, Losses Ties

Points/Goals/Runs  For the Team

Points/Goals/Runs Against the Team

Divisional standing- even if standings are not kept on the league’s website.

League Travel Time Report:  Provides a report that calculates the average travel time for each team in the league.  The average travel time in then rolled  into several league wide reports that break down how much time different segments of the league spends in travel. Reports include

Average Travel Time by Club

Average Travel Time by Team

Average Travel Time by Region

Average Travel Time by Division

Average Travel Time By Subdivision.