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At TeamsCompete, we understand the huge time commitment involved in running a youth travel league.  TeamsCompete supports youth sport leagues by managing many time consuming technical tasks, allowing leagues, clubs and teams to focus on playing the game.

TeamsCompete was founded in 2011 by Tim Kelly.  As a league scheduler for his childrens’ teams, Tim was searching for ways to improve his Microsoft Excel® based scheduling process.  When he was unable find a viable solution, Tim utilized his Computer Science degree to develop the TeamsCompete Scheduling System to automate his efforts.  Tim soon discovered that other league schedulers were facing many of the same scheduling challenges.  In response, he launched the TeamsCompete Scheduling Service to simplify the scheduling process for travel leagues.

Tim understands the issues that face leagues and their member organizations.  He sits on the board of Acton Boxborough Youth Lacrosse, is the Treasurer of The Friends of Leary Field, Inc.  He is a past board member of Acton Boxborough Youth Softball and the AB Soccer Boosters. Tim has two daughters who have played a variety of sports at the youth, high school, and collegiate levels.

Contact us today to learn how your league can benefit!  info@teamscompete.com


From a Lacrosse League:

“It is really impressive how quickly TeamsCompete makes changes. For me to attempt those changes last year I had to look at a huge landscape and just pick and choose. I wasn’t even considering his opponents or home and  aways- I was just trying to patch the problem. And even then it was manually editing games one by one by one.  I know that [the Presidents of the involved clubs] are both blown away with how quickly you put out those fires.”

From a Soccer League:

“Congratulations on hitting this mark with the schedule.  It is what we dreamt of by having this new league under our umbrella and sending the scheduling TeamsCompete’s way.  Fantastic results guys!”

From a Lacrosse Club President:

“thanks so much…  I’m so glad the league engaged you to do the scheduling this season. I have been impressed with what you have been able to do in comparison to prior years and we look forward to working with you next year.”



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