What TeamsCompete Clients Say

Paul Griffin
Executive Director Founders Girls Lacrosse League

“Founders Girls Lacrosse League has been using TeamsCompete Scheduling Service for the past 9 years.  Since that time we have grown from 131 teams to nearly 500.  TeamsCompete has allowed us to grow smartly.

“As we have grown, TeamsCompete’s technology has enabled us to maintain the competitive balance of games while providing reasonable travel times.  More importantly, TeamsCompete has eliminated the workload for our town programs and given me the time to focus on creating a great girls lacrosse experience for Eastern MA.”

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John Barata
Executive Director Northeast Soccer League

“TeamsCompete’s Scheduling Service has taken a time consuming and difficult function off my plate.  Now I can focus on running the league and creating great soccer.

TeamsCompete gives the NSL a transparent scheduling process and make complex scheduling changes look easy.  Their professionalism when dealing with our clubs reflects well on the league. ”

Craig Winger

Senior Director of Competitions IOWA SOCCER

TeamsCompete has been scheduling Iowa Soccer leagues since 2014.  Between our State League, with its large geography, and our regional recreational leagues- we have a very complex set of overlapping scheduling requirements.  TeamsCompete has helped provide solutions for many of these challenges, and works with our league leaders regularly to ensure we continue to evolve our systems/tools. TeamsCompete understands and appreciates the unique challenges presented by each league, they work with league leaders as well as directly with our members to provide a quality schedule based on real-time data and feedback.”

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