Website Management


Most TeamsCompete scheduling customers utilize our web management services as well.  Considering our knowledge of various sports management platforms, TeamsCompete can quickly establish and revise website content and features.  While TeamsCompete is  primarily a scheduling service, we also act as the outsourced Webmaster for many organizations.  Some organization utilize us exclusively in that capacity.

  • REGISTRATION PROGRAM SET-UP & MANAGEMENT:  Establish, Maintain and Manage the registration processes.for organizations whether they are a League or a Member Organization.  For leagues, team registration programs are part of scheduling, but like member organizations, they also need to manage their membership, listing of board members, etc..
  • IN-SEASON GAME CHANGESTeamsCompete often acts as the single point of contact or as a back-up to the primary point of contact for in-season game changes.  We coordinate with your leagues umpire/referee assigner to streamline communication and increase efficiencies.
  • MEMBER ADMINISTRATION: Since TeamsCompete is often in the website at the start of the league season,  many organizations find It is cost efficient for to also have TeamsCompete manage and update their board membership, etc. 
  • ASSISTING MEMBERS (HELP DESK): TeamsCompete also provides help desk services to the leagues members to login and perform their various duties in the sports management solution.
  • WEBSITE CONTENT MANAGEMENT: TeamsCompete provides many of its clients with content posting and other services.  Acting a the Webmaster for many organizations, we are the central point of contact for posting and disseminating various information including camp and clinic opportunities.  Many of these opportunities need to be properly formatted for the league or member organization website.
  • REPORTS & ANALYSIS: In addition, TeamsCompete often runs analysis and other reports for clients.  Example: A report of players who charged 1/2 the price of registration for being a hockey goalie.
  • DEDICATED EMAIL ACCOUNT:  Every client receives a dedicated TeamsCompete email account.