Improving Travel League Scheduling

Whether you’re a town softball program or the NFL, scheduling is complicated. With so many variables to manage, even the 32 team NFL is on record stating that there is no “perfect” schedule.¬†TeamsCompete is focused on Improving Travel League Scheduling.

But if you are a travel youth sport league, the scheduling challenges become exponentially more complex. Travel leagues must factor in issues such as:

  • Travel Time
  • Coaching Conflicts
  • Field Permit Restrictions
  • Blackout Dates
  • Ref Coverage for Games
  • Special Requests
  • Etc…

Software solutions available to league schedulers do not contain the suite of tools necessary for scheduling travel league. This forces many leagues rely on spreadsheets to generate all or parts of their schedules. Spreadsheets have drawbacks that include:

  • Slow and arduous processing
  • Difficulty managing last minute changes
  • Inability to scale as league complexity grows

The time required to complete a 150 team schedule using available technology can require over 150 hours complete. That’s nearly 7 full days!

TeamsCompete’s Better League Scheduling Service has solved the challenge of scheduling youth sport travel leagues. We create and deliver schedules to our clients through a proven service process that is backed by innovative, flexible, and robust technology.

Since our inception in 2011, TeamsCompete has delivered well over 100 schedules to our client leagues from coast to coast. We’re Improving Travel League Scheduling for our clients each and every season.