Simplify League Scheduling

In 2011, TeamsCompete began our mission to simplify league scheduling for youth travel leagues.  Our Scheduling Service improves the experience for players, parents, coaches, and administrators.

For Youth Sport Leagues, the season schedule drives the experience for players, parents and coaches.  A good schedule can enhance the experience and generate excitement for the sport.  A mediocre schedule can have a chilling effect on participation.  For administrators, the time spent creating the schedule and managing the inevitable changes can take the fun out of the sport.


Players, Parents, and Coaches Experience Administrators Experience
  • Reasonable Travel Times
  • Competitively Balanced Games
  • Getting to the next game that day is easier
  • Teams play a diverse set of opponents
  • A Transparent Scheduling Process
  • A 360º Schedule Review
  • Rapid Turn Around for Schedule Changes
  • Less Burdensome, More Streamlined Operations


How can we help your league?

We sweat the schedule so you can play the game.