Better League Scheduling

Since 2011, the TeamsCompete Scheduling Service has been providing leagues with schedules vetted by their membership and tailored to their needs.  Leagues across the country have chosen TeamsCompete based on our three core strengths.

  • Robust Technology
  • Collaborative Processes
  • Our Commitment to Outstanding Service

It is truly Better League Scheduling!

Our Process

TeamsCompete proven three-phase scheduling process is part of what makes us Better League Schedulers.  Our team of schedulers has delivered over 100+ season for our Football, Basketball, Soccer, and Lacrosse clients. Our wealth of experience and knowledge enables TeamsCompete to deliver schedules that enhance league play.

  • Collect and Confirm Critical Data
  • Generate Schedule and Optimize the Games
  • Conduct a 360ยบ League wide review.

Our Technology

Better League Scheduling is built upon robust technology designed for the needs of travel leagues. It handles a wide variety of scheduling styles with features that range from travel time management to minimizing game conflicts for coaches, players and refs. The technology scales to support leagues from 30 to 3000 teams.  

Commitment to Service

Final Schedules?  There is no such thing!

Schedules change once their published.  TeamsCompete supports our clients by rapidly adjusting schedules for the common issues that occur every season.

  • Clubs that need to Drop or add Teams
  • Field Changes
  • Delayed Season Starts
  • and more