We Handle Change

Last Minute Changes?

No Problem!

For many leagues, last minute schedule changes from their member organizations cause huge headaches.  Changes become an even bigger headache after the schedule has been published.  It is not uncommon for leagues to learn that a team was dropped or added, or that certain fields are unavailable.  At TeamsCompete, we handle change.

The TeamsCompete technology is build to handle change because we know last minute changes are inevitable. Our ability to rapidly address schedule changes sets TeamsCompete apart from other scheduling systems. We quickly put out “fires” before they engulf your league.

Our change process is pretty simple- we make the changes in our system and then push out a change file to your website to fix the issue.

Scheduling Snafu Examples

1. Fields Double Booked

After TeamsCompete published the schedule for a girls’ lacrosse league,  one member club informed TeamsCompete of a major problem. The boys’ teams had inadvertently used the girls’ field dates and times to generate their season’s games. The result was double booked fields for the entire season. Working closely with this member club; TeamsCompete cancelled and replaced a season’s worth of games and aligned game slots on each field to maintain optimal umpire coverage.

The Fix    90 games changed in 5 hours

2. Mid-Season Team Drop

Two weeks into the season, a member club in a state-wide league informed TeamsCompete that it no longer had enough players to field two teams; injuries and the demands of competing sports had taken their toll. TeamsCompete eliminated the remaining games for one of the teams, added new games for the opponents, and aligned all impacted fields for referee coverage.

The Fix    40 games deleted, changed or added in 2 hours.

3. Team Reassigned to a Different Division

After the schedule was published, a member organization in a recreational soccer team notified league administrators that a team’s composition had changed and thus the team needed to move from the 16U & 15U Girls division to the 14U Girls division.  Prior to this switch, both divisions had an odd number of teams, i.e. one team each week was game-less.  In order to provide a full schedule for these teams, an extra game day had been utilized.  After changing the team’s division, all extra-day games were cancelled, new games were generated and the moved team received a new schedule.

The Fix    45 games deleted, changed or added in 75 minutes.

4. Field Access Reduced

Three days before a lacrosse league’s preliminary schedule review, a member club informed TeamsCompete that it lost its field access on two season weekends. TeamsCompete quickly reassigned 20 games to opponent fields. The following day, the member club informed TeamsCompete that they were able to get a 1/2 day back on one of the lost dates. TeamsCompete returned games to the half-day slots.

The Fix    over 20 games changed in 1.5 hours.

5. Field Reassignment 

Upon the release of a soccer league’s Preliminary Schedule Review document, the league was informed that their neutral, “meet in the middle” field space would be reassigned. The fields available would be changed to more effectively group the fields the league used. Since this league relied heavily on these neutral fields, this affected over 100 individual games.

The Fix    Fields reassigned for over 100 games in 15 min.

6. First Week of Season Cancelled: Due to poor weather, the first week of the season (a Saturday) was deemed unplayable for a state-wide lacrosse league.  Rather than forego the games, the league elected to hold those games on a Sunday later in the season.

The Fix Made a single change by updating the Saturday Season Date to Sunday later in the season.  Re-exported the changed games and uploaded it to the league website.  15 Mins.

We handle change, so let TeamsCompete manage your schedule.