Data Management

It is often challenging for athletic leagues to obtain important data from all their member organizations in a standard format. This task frequently involves a time consuming effort to merge multiple data sources into a single file that is correctly formatted for import into the league’s sports management website.

TeamsCompete has worked extensively with the top Sport Management Systems (SMS) in the marketplace.  Our deep knowledge of SMS data requirements and uploading processes allow us to streamline the the data collection and data structuring process for our client leagues.

Data Collection Example

A soccer league was having difficulty collecting the data they needed for scheduling from their member clubs.  Their data collection process included free form entry spaces for game time and field locations.  The slight differences in field names was creating multiple field entries in their SMS after each upload.  In order to ensure accuracy and reduce the record clutter, the league choose to manually enter their 2,000+ games.  This quickly became a unmanageable task.

The league then engaged TeamsCompete.  We revised their data collection process to standardize data collection.  We then collated this data with another data source to create a master import file.  The import file was then successfully uploaded into their SMS, eliminating their data entry time and significantly speeding their process.  With each successive season, TeamsCompete continues to refine and further automate the process.

Data Structuring Example

A Massachusetts based soccer league was having difficulty getting their schedule into their GotSoccer account.  While they had an in house SMS system to publish their schedule, this system did not sync well with GotSoccer. The league was unable to provide their member organizations with tallies of GotSoccer points for season results.

When the league engaged TeamsCompete, we created a programmatic process to match the data between the two system and generate a GotSoccer upload file.  Not only did TeamsCompete automate a difficult process for this league but we delivered an important benefit for the league’s membership organization.

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